Anger Management

Anger is an emotion which is experienced by all. However, for some people it can become difficult to control and may begin to affect relationships, work and home life. Anger Management is a form of counselling which will help you deal with these emotions in the best possible way so that you may continue your life more peacefully.

There are many possible causes of anger, some of which include the following:

• Losing someone you love (grief)
• Sexual frustration
• Being tired, hungry or in pain
• Coming off certain medicines or drugs
• Pre-menstrual syndrome
• Being insulted
• Being under threat
• Feeling that you are being ignored or not taken seriously
• Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs
• Something in the present stirring up unpleasant memories

Although mild irritation or frustration is common, some people may feel unable to control their emotions and believe they cannot account for how they might act when angry. Feeling out of control when angry may lead you to make decisions that you will ultimately regret. Some people turn to physical violence or to using emotionally abusive language. Once the anger has passed, and there judgement is no longer clouded, people frequently regret what they have said or done, and see their own actions as having been irrational and unfair. This can damage relationships and even lead to problems with the law. A recent survey from The Mental Health Foundation found that 28% of adults worry about how angry they sometimes feel, whilst 32% said they had a friend or relative who had problems dealing with their anger.

I have vast knowledge of this area and a great deal of experience using Anger Management techniques to lead sufferers out of this difficulty and into a calmer frame of mind.