Depression affects people of all ages and genders, leading all kinds of different lifestyles. Those suffering from depression may feel unable to talk about how they are feeling, they may feel alone and believe no-one else understands their pain. Faced with depression, it can be very difficult to see an end to how you are feeling. You may feel like you cannot see the light, or the hope beyond the darkness you are currently permeated by.

People suffering from depression may feel alone, helpless and unable to cope. In contrast to how you may feel, you are not alone. Depression is a serious but common condition, which can be successfully treated using therapy.

Medication is often prescribed for depression, but it is often better to find the emotional causes of the depression and cure those, rather than relying on medication alone, which might not always work and which some people come to rely upon. Medication is sometimes too keenly prescribed when therapies such as my own offer a safer way to deal with depression. I will help you better understand yourself and why you are feeling the way that you do; together we can find you the way out of your state of depression. My vast experience and ability to use a range of therapies means I can tailor your treatment to best suit your needs. No person is ever the same as another; I believe my range of treatments and techniques is of great advantage in helping people on their individual journeys to recovery.