How can I decide whether therapy is right for me?

I will offer a free consultation in which we will discuss your problem and decide together if this is the correct process for you. Due to the variety of techniques I am accomplished in, most people who seek my help find that I offer what they are looking for.

How many sessions will I need?

The amount of sessions required will depend on you as an individual. Counselling tends to be a short term commitment, lasting just a few weeks. However, I do provide longer term counselling for those who require it. Other therapies, such as Couples Counselling, tend to be longer processes involving more commitment from both parties.

How should I decide what sort of therapy is best for me?

Due to my past experience using a variety of methods, I will be able to choose an appropriate technique should you wish me to help you with this decision. Most commonly, I combine theories and techniques in order to best help the individual I am working with based on their unique needs and circumstances.