Everyone experiences some stress in their lives, but some people may experience it to a greater extent than others, depending on their life events and situation. Stress can be caused by family problems, difficulties in relationships, break-ups, being overworked, long term illness or a combination of these factors. Stress causes both physical and emotional difficulties. The effects of stress may be visible through decay in our health. Stress has been linked to serious physical illness, and should not be overlooked or ignored. Stress may also cause the sufferer to feel tired, more prone to anger and impatience as well as giving them the belief that they cannot cope with day to day life. Chronic stress may occur when a stressful life continues to be led, and difficulties persist for a very long time, having a great impact on the individual and leaving them feeling helpless.

I am trained in a variety of methods which will help you to combat stress and the difficulties that come with it. With my help you will be guided into a calmer frame of mind, you will be able to deal with the problems you face and no longer have to fear your circumstances.