What is therapy?

Therapy is a type of treatment whereby there is an interaction between a trained professional and client (Patient); it is conducted without the potentially harmful side effects of medical intervention. When you undertake a course of counselling therapy with me you are entering a process of self-discovery and personal growth.

Whether you are learning about ways to deal with difficulties that you may be facing or trying to overcome traumatic experiences from your past, therapy will help you find ways to fulfil your potential.

Therapy helps by facilitating the awareness of our psychology; how we feel, think and behave. It helps us to understand perceptions of ourselves and those around us and how our beliefs affect our decision making processes.
This awareness is invaluable because essentially what we are doing is making the unconscious, conscious.
As we become more aware of our unconscious we are able to process thoughts differently and make decisions which are based on creating healthier outcomes.
Healthier decisions are easier to make when we are not in internal conflict or feeling guilt and/or shame about what we want.
There is no need to sabotage or limit our capacity to solve our emotional difficulties because we can make decisions that best suits us by being aware of our psychology, therapy will help you make such decisions.

This essentially is what counselling and therapy is about. As a compassionate therapist I will help you move along this process through understanding your issue, interpreting and analysing your situation and offering you empathic feedback. I will reflect back to you, in many different ways, who you are and how you experience the world, so that you can learn about the decisions you have made about yourself which now creates your psychology.

Prior to therapy you may have thought that what you think and feel is how everyone thinks and feels, and question yourself if this is ‘normal’. We often experience a sense of enlightenment when we realise that what we have always thought to be ‘normal’ does not necessarily have to be that way. You can learn how to understand more about who and what you are and what you are not responsible for. Our life is our own and we can be in control of how it grows and develops.
I offer many different types of talk therapy and often mix approaches in order for people to obtain further insight and help.
Hypno CBT
Eclectic Therapy
Couples Therapy
One to One Therapy
Who has Therapy?

People who seek therapy often do so because they are experiencing difficulties in their life, these difficulties can take many forms; from relationship break-ups to stress at work, intense uncomfortable feelings or coming to terms with painful life experiences. When people encounter these types of difficulties they revert to familiar ways of coping which may inhibit their ability to resolve the issue.

These repetitive life patterns may be self-limiting even when we are not under stress, often people do not realise how limiting these patterns can be until a crisis arises. They realise that they have had such episodes in the past and recognise that they are dealing with it in the same familiar manner, even if they suspect the outcome to be as unsatisfactory as before. This is often the time when many people seek help from a professional, because they feel as though they can’t cope or because they do not want to go through the same pattern again.

Essentially people who undertake therapy want more from their life, not in a material way, but in order to find contentment, peace and harmony, and to fulfil their potential or to deal with other forms of personal dissatisfaction.
They have come to a decision that life must be different; this may be because they face particular difficulties or because they are generally experiencing dissatisfaction with their life. Many different types of people from all walks of life seek help when they are dissatisfied with their life circumstances. People from all walks of life seek therapy to deal with life difficulties, from barristers, teachers, accountants and doctors to salesman, business people, manual labourers and the unemployed.

Professional help can be sought at any time, often people seek guidance when they feel life is not satisfying, or because they want to feel good about themselves or have better relationships with loved ones. Some people just want to understand their behaviour better and learn about who they are and how they interrelate and interact with others and the world around them. These are just some of the reasons people seek help to explore, understand and change what is happening to them.
In these circumstances therapy truly can be a process of self discovery and self actualisation.